Learning package on foresight

This learning package is part of the foresight training done in the ICI-Antofagasta project. The overall objective of the project is to enhance innovation-driven and sustainable development in the Antofagasta region including economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions such as employment, energy, and water issues. The project aims to generate a higher level of capacity in the region to manage various innovation activities in a coordinated manner. The aim of the foresight work package is to support the development of innovation culture, long term target setting as well as service and technology development both in CICITEM, partner network and thus regionally.

ForesightThe learning package is a compilation of texts from online and print materials on foresight. It aims to give an overview about foresight, its methods and practice. The learning package is meant to prepare for the foresight training workshop, and therefore it is important that you read it beforehand. The objective of the training is to familiarise with foresight, offer networking opportunities and prepare foresight plans for the region of Antofagasta.

Foresight is multidimensional and diverse, and this learning package only scratches the surface. The methods and practice of foresight will be explained more broadly and deeply in the training workshop.

We hope this learning package will help you in orienting towards thinking about possible futures and the demands and possibilities related to them.

Go ahead and shape you own future!