Welcome to “Water in Antofagasta 2040” foresight activity!

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This foresight activity aims to:

  • Create a vision and common understanding on issues related to water in Antofagasta in 2040.
  • Bring together key players related to water: water research, water availability, water use.
  • Enhance collaboration between the industry, government and research organisations
  • Foster forward-looking and future-oriented culture in planning

The foresight activity will start with a Kick-Off seminar and workshop. The Kick-Off seminar is held on the 25th of March from 15:00 to 18:00 in Antofagasta and the workshop the following day 26th of March from 8:30 to 18:00.

The Kick-Off seminar will provide keynotes on the current challenges related to water as well as vision for the future. The speakers for the Kick-Off seminar include Ambassador Ilkka Heiskanen and Senador Carlos Cantero. There will also be a panel discussion on the topic “Water in Antofagasta 2040” and everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion.

The discussion continues to structured ideation in the open workshop on the following day. The focus will be on generating ideas and vision for the water use, consumption and research in Antofagasta in the short, medium and long term. The workshop will be facilitated by Finnish innovation and foresight experts from VTT (Raija Koivisto, Totti Könnölä, Tatu Lyytinen) jointly with CICITEM. Stakeholders will also be able to participate through an online survey will be launched to engage stakeholders in envisioning future developments.

The foresight pilot continues after the kickoff and first workshop with a questionnaire which will be open until April 28; the results will be used in a scenario and roadmapping workshop in May 5 – 8 aimed at producing a plan on collaboration between industry, government and research organisations around water issues. The final results of the pilot will be available in June.

The foresight pilot is part of a larger collaboration project between VTT and CICITEM. The overall objective of the project is to enhance innovation-driven and sustainable development in the Antofagasta region including economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions such as employment, energy, and water issues. The project aims to generate a higher level of capacity in the region to manage various innovation activities in a coordinated manner. The aim of the foresight activity is to support the development of innovation culture, long term target setting as well as service and technology development both in CICITEM, partner networks and thus regionally.

Link to the questionnaire: Water in Antofagasta 2040